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Courses in Spain

If you want to do or book Eyal Lederman´s courses in Spain, please you can email at: info @ fisioterapiaronda.com or contact to +34 982 242556 ask for Mr. Félix Fernández. We have several location to do the courses.

Eyal Lederman is the director of the Centre for Professional Development in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy, London UK and Visiting Professor at Unitech Osteopathic College, New Zealand. He graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (1986) and is working as an osteopath in London. He completed his PhD. at King's College, where he researched the neurophysiology of manual therapy. He also researched and developed osteopathic Harmonic Technique. He is involved in research examining the physiological effects of manual therapy and the development of Osteopathic Neuromuscular Re-abilitation.

Prof. Lederman has been teaching osteopathic technique and lecturering in different schools in the UK and abroad. He has published articles in the area of osteopathy and is the author of the books Harmonic Technique, Fundamentals of Manual Therapy and"The Science and Practice of Manual Therapy".


This three-day workshop explores the natural processes underlying neuromuscular recovery and how they can be applied clinically to improve the control of movement. We will also look at the factors that may impede recovery. This will be used as a clinical model for management of a wide range of conditions such as neuromuscular rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, psychomotor conditions and for movement rehabilitation of individuals suffering from CNS damage.The approach used in this workshop is based on two levels of rehabilitation: skill level (skill rehabilitation) and ability level rehabilitation (re-abilitation). Skill level rehabilitation aims to engage the individual in exercising their losses as close as possible to the skills which have been affected. Re-abilitation focuses on helping recover the underlying control eleme nts of movement called motor abilities. During the workshop the participants will learn to assess and identify the particular ability losses and develop specific treatment strategies to help motor recovery.The practical aspect of the course will include hands-on approaches as well as specific challenges / exercise to regain and improve control of posture and movement.

By the end of the workshop the participants will reach several clinical goals:

Be able to develop and provide a programme for neuromuscular rehabilitation

Learn to rehabilitate movement control after joint and muscle injuries

Be able to provide neuromuscular rehabilitation post-surgery (hip, shoulder, lower back and more)

Be able to work with cognitions and behaviour in managing conditions associated with emotional stress (painful jaw, chronic neck and shoulder pain, suboccipital pain, tension headaches and lower back pain)Treat patients with central nervous system damage (stroke, MS, head injuries)

Develop specific exercise and functional activities to support movement rehabilitation


Trap myalgia and chronic neck pain & Frozen Shoulder - one day

Acute disc and Tennis elbow- one day


This is a practical course providing an opportunity to learn a popular osteopathic approach that can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. In the last two decades extensive research has demonstrated the importance of passive motion for repair processes in acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Harmonic Technique is characterised by passive motion, which can be applied to different areas of the body. These techniques are used to assist an d direct repair processes in the body using a gentle non-painful and non-traumatic treatment approach. The course will examine the physiological and biomechanical aspects of Harmonic Technique and the clinical application of the technique. In particular it will study the effects of Harmonic Technique on inflammation, fluid flow (Harmonic Pump Techniques) and adaptation. Other aspects of the technique will also be discussed such as its potential neurological pain relief effects and psychological influences. There will also be a demonstration of how to use Harmonic Technique in treating a wide range of conditions seen in clinic, such as acute disc and frozen shoulder.


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